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Supermoon Lunar Eclipse Photos

Hello everyone! I've been a long time but I'm back at uni in my third year and I can't wait to get started! On September 29th the moon came within 226,000 miles of the earth passing behind the earth's shadow causing the sun to create a red tint on the moon. it was 14% larger and 18% brighter than when it was at its furtherest point, and its not going to happen again until 2033!

Whoo! That all out the way, I stayed up until 4am to see the event, and I took some pictures on my camera, so here they are.

This picture was taken before the supermoon lunar eclipse began around 3:00am GMT.
This picture was taken shortly after the time supermoon eclipse began at 4:30am GMT.
Pretty rare event and I was amazing to experience such a rare event. Well anyway that's all I have time to talk about for now but I'll be talking some more in the next few weeks, maybe about EGX, or uni projects that I'm working on.