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Rubber Duck Adventures around Treforest

So today I was up in the Uni South Wales Treforest Campus working furiously on my dissertation... afterwards I went on a little adventure with my rubber duck and camera... Here are a few snaps on where we went on our journeys...
I'll be visiting the Treforest campus more often this year I hope so expect some more adventures with the rubber duck soon! :D

University Work Working Through The Night #1

Been working through the night, let's see... till about 2am for the past week... and next week too I assume... the grind is real!!!... Well that time is bound to chance to 3am in the near future... ohhhh boy....
I like to dance to the Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive in my room whilst I'm working away on my work at times when its late... or the original song too.

Because Ima ah ah ah ah stayin' aliveeeeee!
Cya next time!

TV Licence Sting Project Pre-Production

Hey Everyone!
So here's a update on what's been going on, I can tell you its been all full on with me and University even from the get go, gathering dissertation research, business studies and of course this project which I'm going to be talking about in this post!
So the UK T.V Licence people got in contact with our university and encouraged us third year students to ender a competition to create a 10-20 second sting for them using some of the most silliest of excuses that they had been given by people in the area. 
The excuse I have chosen is:'The T.V presenters can't pronounce welsh place names properly, they just refer to Wales as a town.'
From there I've developed a script which I feel will be successfully enough and Its gotten some good reactions across the board as I've been showing fellow classmates and friends my progress. I'm currently putting together my LAV's and Dope Sheets and final Storyboards, whilst finishing some animatics. I&…