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Top Hats and Moustache Doodles On The Bus

Whilst on the bus today, I decided to do some doodles on Post-it's, no idea why I decided to add Top Hats and Moustaches to the Doodles, I guess it gave the doodle more of a expression and characteristic.

I must say, it was quite hard to doodle whilst the bus was moving around.

Coast Sketch Work

During last month and this month I have been working hard on Picture that I have turned into a sketch and now I'm halfway through the painting at the moment.

Here is the Sketch:

(click to enlarge)
Recognize it from one of the pictures in my previous post? I'd probably would of had the whole thing done by now, I'm just getting distracted by the sunny weather, work, additional college work to improve grades and also waiting for my new MacBook Pro to arrive.