Latest University Essay

Hi everyone. It's been a long time since I last updated my blog. I just wanted to share with you an essay that I have recently finished an essay for module on my Masters. The essay goes into a brief history of the Video Game Industry along with the appraisal and discussion of Microtransactions within Video Games and also explores ethical considerations.  I thought some people might find it interesting to read, so here it is below. Enjoy.

A brief history of the Video Game Industry, including the appraisal of Video Game Microtransactions and ethical considerations.

The Use of Microtransactions in Video Games

There have been many important trends that have developed in the video game industry. This report will appraise and discuss the different approaches to microtransaction implementation in video games. In addition, it will explore the ethics of microtransactions as a form of gambling, and its use to entice players to spend money. Currently within the games industry, the gaming commun…

Business Studies - Company Research Report

Hey everyone, here is my research report for my business studies project. Hope you enjoy the read.
Treyarch Studios (
Treyarch Studios was established in 1996, and was acquired by Activision in 2001. Located in Santa Monica, California, Treyarch has produced many AAA games directed towards the mature gaming audience, developing titles for the Call of Duty franchise such as (World at War, Back Ops 1, 2 and 3.) Treyarch Studios currently has around 335 – 500 employees. The studio head of Treyarch is Mark Lamia. The ownership of Treyarch is large because it is a studio of Activision.
Departments in Treyarch range from scripting, to level design, animation, sound, art and many more. The fields that I’d like to work for within Treyarch Studios would be animation within the campaign story missions such as cut-scene character animation, and body mechanic animation such as run’s walks and so on. Additionally, I would also like to work on the multiplayer to create animations such as…

Showreel Intro Test

Over the past few days, I have been coming up with an idea for a intro for my final show reel for University. I finished it today, and I'm exited to share it with you.

I never new After Effects could do so much cool stuff to be honest with you! Its true that you learn something new every day. :)
My next post will be about my top 5 companies that I would like to work for in the future, this is for my business project so expect a good read because I have to make it 3000 words, so 600 words per company.

See you on the next one,

Portfolio Website 3.0 Animation Page Design

Hey peoples, I thought that I would show you some more progress I've made on the re-construction and re-design of my portfolio website, this is what the animation page is looking like.

This is a pretty final design for the animation page, however might make a few changes concerning the images, but that's all. All I have to do now on the website is re-design the photography and design page.
See you on the next one,

Major Project Collaborative Pre-Production Work

With my major project pre-production out of the way I'd show you some of the work that I've been doing for the collaborative game project.
During the course of the game project I'm responsible for the body mechanic animations and two cut scenes for the game, additionally I'm also overseeing some of the second year animators who have joined in on our project who are doing body-mechanic animations.
Here are my thumbnails for the body mechanics that I will be animating in production.

I also created animatics of all of my body mechanics that from my thumbnails and also using video reference. I'm unable to upload the videos to blogger because it will take a long time to upload around 10 videos to this post. I didn't have a chance to do my cut-scene pre-production however I've been working on it this week and last week, so its all coming together well. I need to re-record a few bits of reference also. Production starts on Monday and I can't wait to get into …

Major Project Personal Pre-Production Work

Hey all, I'm finally back after some hefty nights staying up to complete work for my major project pre-production, but now all that's done I've had time to relax a bit and focus my attention towards other things like my business module (which I have to make a blog post for also) and my final major project production.

So for my personal project I decided that I wanted to create a 20 second animation sequence with a tiger doing various movements, like jumping, running, walking and so on, additionally I wanted to make a on the spot run cycle too for the tiger animation. Moreover, I also wanted to create a 5 second dragon flight cycle.
First of all I decided to do some action sheets:

These are some action sheets of bat's and eagles for the dragon flight cycle:

Moving on to the thumbnails for the Tiger:

Using my initial thumbnails I was able to create thumbnail sequences to help me develop my animation idea.
This is my final thumbnail sequence for my tiger animation:


Portfolio Website 3.0 Construction Underway!

It only seems like yesterday since I launched my 2015 version on my animation portfolio website, however for our current business module we have all been asked to create a new website. I decided to use this opportunity to work off my old website and completely overall and restructure it.
This is the current state of the index/homepage. I have managed to get the slider all working to the browser size and it also plays videos! Which is super handy.
I don't think I will be changing the homepage around much anymore as I think the overall design and layout is pretty much there, maybe a few minor tweaks before the business deadline in February 2016.
Now it is all go for the rest of the pages which will follow in suit the same theme as the homepage, with some neat new editions and features.
See you on the next one,