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Latest University Essay

Hi everyone. It's been a long time since I last updated my blog. I just wanted to share with you an essay that I have recently finished an essay for module on my Masters. The essay goes into a brief history of the Video Game Industry along with the appraisal and discussion of Microtransactions within Video Games and also explores ethical considerations.  I thought some people might find it interesting to read, so here it is below. Enjoy.

A brief history of the Video Game Industry, including the appraisal of Video Game Microtransactions and ethical considerations.

The Use of Microtransactions in Video Games

There have been many important trends that have developed in the video game industry. This report will appraise and discuss the different approaches to microtransaction implementation in video games. In addition, it will explore the ethics of microtransactions as a form of gambling, and its use to entice players to spend money. Currently within the games industry, the gaming commun…