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3ds Max Tea Pot Test

Some experimentation with a Tea Pot in 3ds max, using raytracing. I've been experimenting with reflection and refraction giving to give the impression the tea pot is on water. I also experimented with very basic lighting. I'm happy with the outcome also.

Looking into John Whitney's Animation "Catalog"

Currently we are doing a unit in college on 'The History of Animation'. We are looking at some of John Whitney's "Catalog" work from 1961. I was most interested about the 'waves' in his Catalog so I decided to try and interoperate them in Photoshop to add into my Powerpoint on 'The History of Animation'.
John Whitney "Catalog" 1961:

My Versions - Waves:

Version 2 - Blurred:

Hope ya' like it!

Quick Halloween Doodle

Here is a quick Halloween Doodle that I made in some of my spare time. I'll clean it up on sketch paper then I think I will Illustrate it in Potoshop, Flash or Illustrator before Halloween.

Yeah, I sorta need to fix the legs on the Zombie. :P