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Summer Coast Pics 2012

Well its been really hot and sunny here in the UK... until now... now its just cloud :( While it was really hot and sunny I hiked up the coast path and took some awesome pics:

I'm looking to sketch some of these and also try different Photoshop painting techniques and techniques in general to see how the come out. (I've already started one one and its almost done)
Hopefully we'll have some more sunny and hot weather soon... I hope...

Quick Sketch - Coast #1

Here is a quick sketch I've done on my tablet of a part of the coast by where I live.
(click image to make bigger)
I have no plans to take this sketch any further, however I've been working on another sketch which I have been painting for the past 4 hours or so.

First Puffle Animation

So I decided to take on the task to create a simple Puffle Animation which is based on the game Club Penguin. I must say I've really enjoyed making this animation, however it was very challenging with the drawing and some of the tweening. I've drawn this animation with my Graphics Tablet and I've tried to be as accurate as possible in doing so.

I must say to the team over in Kelowna that they have done a fantastic job with all of their animations they do for the game!

References Used:

- Puffle Catalogs (analyzing the images)
- Adopt a Puffle Puffle feature. (watching the animations, actions and characteristics of puffles)
- Puffle in Igloo features. (watching the animations, actions and characteristics of puffles)
- Club Penguin YouTube Videos (watching the animations, actions and characteristics of puffles)
- Credit also to Jessika's awesome Puffle animations (see here)

Note: I have not traced or copi…

Techno Style Remix

With having nothing to do at all this week as the weather has been so awful... I decided to make a small Techno Style Remix in Apple's Garage Band, here it is:

Hope ya' enjoy.

Intuos5 Tablet

My new Wacom Intous5 Tablet has arrived, it even came with some gummy drops!  Anyway, I will by trying to practice with it as much as I can to get used to the tablet and get better at my drawing, so you might not see many posts over this month, but as always I will try and post some stuff.

My first two targets are do do some Penguin and Puffle Concepts with the Tablet in Photoshop. Too make life much easier for me though I will sketch them out on paper so then I can scan them in and trace over them.