First Puffle Animation

So I decided to take on the task to create a simple Puffle Animation which is based on the game Club Penguin. I must say I've really enjoyed making this animation, however it was very challenging with the drawing and some of the tweening. I've drawn this animation with my Graphics Tablet and I've tried to be as accurate as possible in doing so.

I must say to the team over in Kelowna that they have done a fantastic job with all of their animations they do for the game!

References Used:

- Puffle Catalogs (analyzing the images)
- Adopt a Puffle Puffle feature. (watching the animations, actions and characteristics of puffles)
- Puffle in Igloo features. (watching the animations, actions and characteristics of puffles)
- Club Penguin YouTube Videos (watching the animations, actions and characteristics of puffles)
- Credit also to Jessika's awesome Puffle animations (see here)


Note: I have not traced or copied over a Puffle of any kind for this animation. I've used the references (above). My drawings are very accurate after studying the form of a Puffle, and also de-compiling a FLA of a Puffle animation to understand the different parts of the Puffle and how to animate them. Example: Hair is separate to the body - all separate graphics to make the Puffle easier to animate and to give the animator more control on how he/she wants the Puffle to behave.


Any feedback on my Puffle Animation would be much appreciated.


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