So Why Am I Here Doing What I Do?

I thought I'd share with you the very main three reasons of why I'm here doing what I'm doing with my work and future. So get the coffee or tea, sit back and enjoy the read...

So long ago when I was probably about the age of 4 or 5 my mum had gotten me a Super Nintendo Entertainment System with Super Mario World on it. As a matter of fact the first ever game I played was on one of those really old computers where you had to type in the console commands to get it to work, but I can hardly remember that... just don't ask how I've managed to remember this, I just strangely have.

Anyway, I used to play Super Mario World (1991) on the SNES a lot, and I still never managed to complete Super Mario World, ( but that soundtrack was so awesome). I really need to dig out the console from the attic and play that game again with the cartridge.

Super Maro World (1991) on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System
From the SNES I moved to over the GameBoy Colour with Pokemon, Wario Land 3 and Rayman, all good fun I managed to complete them all apart from Wario Land 3... last mission I just didn't know how to beat the final boss, great game though.

As the years went and as gaming evolved I was soon playing on the original PlayStation 1 and a few years on from that the PlayStation 2, I used to play Spyro The Dragon and Star Wars on them. Legend of Spyro, The Eternal Night and Dawn of the Dragon were my favorites, oh the music score for those games were amazing.

Oh, I used to be a huge, huge fan of the Tony Hawk's Underground 1 & 2, and American Wasteland games on the PS2. They were so good and fun, filled with laughs. I'd probably still enjoy them today if I bought myself a PS2 again.

Tony Hawks American Wasteland (PS2)
The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon (PS2)
Then I switched over to PC gaming for a bit probably just as Windows Vista was launching... Windows Vista.... ugh... but my favorite game that I'd spend countless hours on was Lord of the Rings: Battle For Middle Earth series, yeah all of them.

I spent countless days playing on the multiplier with people from around the world, it was very good fun because each player had always had a totally different strategy to approach the game to win. Oh, the music was from the movie too, and it would alternate to what you were doing with your army at the time, that was very cool. Perhaps in the future, we'll hopefully see 'The Hobbit' version of the game be made.

Sadly you can't actually play the online multiplayer of Battle For Middle Earth anymore because EA shut down the servers a long time ago now, but there is still LAN and there are a few good maps made by the community out on the internet still.

Lord of The Rings - Battle For Middle Earth 2 (PC)
From there the PS3 and Xbox 360, that's when gaming really took off, I was playing games such as Call of Duty 5 (World at War), which was the fist ever Call of Duty game I played. To this day its still my all time favorite call of duty game and I hope someday they will go back to the World War era (Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops were also very good iterations of the game).

Call of Duty - World At War
So now the Xbox One and PC are the two things I usually play games on when I have time. Ultimately I just love the idea of making a video games and having a good, immersive story driven game also. Then there's the fact of having your game being played and enjoyed by millions of  people, it would be a privilege to say none the least after all.

So that's one of the reasons... now for the second, and where to begin.

I need to start with saying this, growing up as a teenager wasn't the easiest thing, having to deal with constant verbal, mental and physical abuse from my father was always a struggle, not so much anymore as I'm here in University.

It must of been late 2010, or early 2011. One day upset had happened between us, so I turned on my PlayStation 3 and loaded up Call of Duty: Black Ops and searched for a game. I can recall it being Search and Destroy on the multiplayer map called Stadium which was one of my favorite DLC maps.

Stadium - Call of Duty: Black Ops (PS3)
So it loads me in, my headset is at the ready... and jumped into the game. Its really hard to remember what happened but I remember talking to this kid at first running around the map with sniper rifles. We made each other laugh by messing about in the game and just talking randomness, but I might add we won thanks to both of us. Just before the end we both asked 'Can I be your friend?' followed by 'Can I be your friend?' and the answer was 'yes'. So we both added each other on the PlayStation Network and continued to play some more games. It must of been one of the most fun experiences I have probably ever had on a muliplayer game.

So with that the friendship has grown really ever since that and we remain best friends till this day and I hope we can for a long time. Its really quite something to think over 500,000 people were playing Black Ops daily on PSN, that's like a 1 in 500,000+ chance that the server matchmaking would of matched me with this one person. So, a big thank you has to go to whoever developed the matchmaking system for Black Ops Multiplayer. So if your out there, thank you.

We both have helped each other through each others problems in life, oh, and he is amazing with his tattoo artwork and music. I really hope that he goes far because he deserves too! Even though we are both incredibly busy with our life's, but we try our best to make time to talk when we can, someday hopefully we can  meet which will be an amazing experience. So thank you, and thank you for helping me through the dark times and thank you for continuing to keep me motivated. (If you're reading this you know who you are).

Oh, just to add because I almost forgot, I also met another great friend on Modern Warfare 2 (PS3), we are still friends to this day also, we don't talk as much as we should, but we are still friends. (and also if you're reading this you know who you are also, I hope we can meet at some point in our lives too, and thank you for the motivation too). Personally, I think It's pretty amazing how video games can bring people together to form friendships that last a lifetime.

So that's the second reason to why I'm motivated to push myself with my work and what I do.

I guess the third and final reason is, well, I love animation... really that's it. I love bringing characters to life and conveying the emotion and performance of the character to the audience because when its done right you can make the audience feel exactly what you want them to feel. I enjoy doing unorthodox and abusive things to the rigs sometimes, opps... sorry its just fun to do. I guess if your an animator yourself you'll understand...

Anyway, continuing on topic. I enjoy doing body mechanical animations, like fight sequences, run cycles, walk cycles (with props) any sort of movements, I want to make a dance cycle one day in the future.

All in all someday, hopefully after I graduate I can get a job in the games industry working with an amazing group of creative people on games. It would also amazing later in life to have the opportunity to work on a animated feature film like Big Hero 6, Brave, like how amazing would that be, I'd be so honored to have the privilege of animating on something like that.

Pixar's - Big Hero 6
I hope you enjoyed reading this little insight to what motivates me and why I want to do this. I just hope I've actually covered everything, I think I have.

I can't wait to see what the future holds for me, my work, my life, everything... and I hope to share more with you all soon.

Anyway, thank you for reading, I'll see you on the next one,



  1. An interesting read Adam! Lots of things I didn't know about you. Keep up the good work ;) x


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