University Production Diary #2: Personal Project Update 2

Hey Folks,

So I'm steaming into splineing out most of the body mechanic animations for the Personal Project, the only few I have to block out is the Fight Sequence and a Neck Break animation. (I also have to just add a few more poses to the 'Shoot Spin' animation also).

Once the final few animations are blocked, I will be able to then spline those also and add in more complex animation.

I don't really have much to talk about for this update, I can say though I've almost finished a walk cycle and a run cycle with the UE4 Rig for Maya, so once I've finished that I'll be able to export the animation motion of the character into the Unreal Engine and then use Persona inside Unreal to actually add the animation onto a character and then walk and run around a basic level. I'm actually freaking out like a little kid about that... and everything else really.

Our three week break is fast approaching and I just hope that I can get to a almost finished point with all of my animations, so I can have some free time over the Easter break and also so I can then polish most of the animations ready for feedback and then render outs... and then I start the collaborative game projects which I'm looking forward to.

Anyway, that's almost everything I've got to talk about in this post, sorry its not much. I've been more focused on trying to get through as many animations as possible and having them splined out and looking natural. I hope to have some work that I can put up here in the next Production Diary update.

See you on the next one,



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