University Production Diary #4: Personal & Collab Project Update

Hey everyone,

Apologies for the delay in blog posts. I've been so busy with trying to to complete my personal and collaborative projects, as I'm writing this it is Friday the day of the deadline. This will be the lastx production diary post, I'll try and continue to post my progress on the reaming animations in the near future.

So... lets review.

So all in all for the personal project, I completed all animations bar two, which I'll be finishing after the hand in. I managed to get roughly 20 seconds of footage with the animation I have done on the personal, all rendered out.

Here's some view port preview's of my animations, can you tell what they are?

In regards to the collaborative I have managed to complete two animations, one being an idle and the other a jump, however I'm close to finishing two more; a knife slash and a hatchet swing. In total I should have around 10 seconds worth of animation. I will be rendering out the unfinished animations to to try and grab some marks, I guess its something at least. :)

Unfortunately I can't see myself at this point in time being able to complete a gun jog and run cycle in the time I've got, but like I said, I'll be working on the remaining animations that I haven't managed to complete as I want them on my show reel as I'm already made some fairly good progress on them.

I look forward to sharing more with you soon. I blame the rendering if it takes me a while to get around to it, but I figured out how to render from the command line in windows... its soooo gooood!

Anyway, see ya.



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