TV Licence Sting Project Pre-Production

Hey Everyone!

So here's a update on what's been going on, I can tell you its been all full on with me and University even from the get go, gathering dissertation research, business studies and of course this project which I'm going to be talking about in this post!

So the UK T.V Licence people got in contact with our university and encouraged us third year students to ender a competition to create a 10-20 second sting for them using some of the most silliest of excuses that they had been given by people in the area. 

The excuse I have chosen is: 'The T.V presenters can't pronounce welsh place names properly, they just refer to Wales as a town.'

From there I've developed a script which I feel will be successfully enough and Its gotten some good reactions across the board as I've been showing fellow classmates and friends my progress. I'm currently putting together my LAV's and Dope Sheets and final Storyboards, whilst finishing some animatics. I'm slightly behind schedule, as are most of the class, but I have some time to catch up. I plan to start animating as of Monday next week, which I'm actually really exited to start and get back into it!

Here is some of the pre-production that I've been working on, expression sheets and thumbnails. 

Expression Sheet

Initial Thumbnail Ideas (above)

Thumbnail Ideas #1
Thumbnail Ideas #1a
That's all I can share with you at this moment, but don't worry. I'll be sharing more university things soon including some more pre-production and production stuff for this project. I might even have enough time to share some non-university things with you all!

Until the next time!



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