Major Project Personal Pre-Production Work

Hey all, I'm finally back after some hefty nights staying up to complete work for my major project pre-production, but now all that's done I've had time to relax a bit and focus my attention towards other things like my business module (which I have to make a blog post for also) and my final major project production.

So for my personal project I decided that I wanted to create a 20 second animation sequence with a tiger doing various movements, like jumping, running, walking and so on, additionally I wanted to make a on the spot run cycle too for the tiger animation. Moreover, I also wanted to create a 5 second dragon flight cycle.

First of all I decided to do some action sheets:

These are some action sheets of bat's and eagles for the dragon flight cycle:

Moving on to the thumbnails for the Tiger:

These are my initial thumbnails. 

Using my initial thumbnails I was able to create thumbnail sequences to help me develop my animation idea.

This is my final thumbnail sequence for my tiger animation:

Finally this was the animation I created from my final thumbnail sequence, although it is only 10 seconds I plan to add more anticipation at parts and run and walk sections to the animation:

Unfortunately I was not able to create thumbnails for my dragon flight cycle because I had to focus on my collaborative project pre-production, however I have the video reference I need for both the dragon and the tiger sequence so hopefully all will go smoothly in the production stage.

See you on the next one,



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