Sketch Book Looks #1

Hello everyone, and welcome to Sketch Book Looks, a blog post series where I'm going to show you some of my most recent studies/drawings/sketches .etc I'm uncertain on the time period between Sketch Book Look's Posts due to other ongoing project work.

Okay, sooooo, lets get started!

So the first drawing is something literally from my head. Its of this fantasy valley as you can see in the sketch below. Two trees which I'd like to colour pink and use a nice cool colour palette. I want the mist of the waterfall to be quite a bing thing for atmosphere in this drawing when I take it into Photoshop. There are somethings I might add and take away whilst working on it in Photoshop, I mainly really needed to get a good idea of what I was seeing in my mind on paper first.

Okay, soooo, second drawing...
Yeah, its a Vendetta Mask. I love to go more stylized with some of my work as I really enjoy to create tattoo designs. I will be fine-lining this soon and also using a mixture of mediums such as graphite and colour pencils for this piece.

Lastly, a doodle of a music note surrounded by some colorful shapes. This doodle was mainly a test as I want to create a piece based on colors like this and different variations of music notes.

Keep an eye out in the future for more Sketch Book Look's posts. I always try and draw every day so hopefully ever week or so I can share with you all what I've created! :)

See you on the next one!



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