University Production Diary #3: Personal Project Update 3

Hey Everyone,

Terribly sorry for the gap between posting, we had a Easter break which was very much filled with work for myself, however I did get to have some free time off which was good.

Anyway, I'm here to update you all on my Personal Project. All is going well at this point, I'm currently posing out my 'Neck Break' animation sequence followed by the final animation for personal which is the 'Fight Sequence'. From then on out I will be setting up the rendering scenes for the 7 animations. 

Then I'll be starting collaborative projects which consist of.... that's right! More animations! :P More game orientated I believe, so I think the final show reel will have a good variety of animations. Get ready for Collaborative Project Updates for here on out :P

So now I'm going to show you one of my animations I rendered out yesterday, it look 17 hours to render out. Did I mention? I hate rendering? 

This is probably still not the final final version, so some things are subject to change. I've looped it a couple of times as its such a short animation. :)

I might try and make some blood spray in After Effects and have it instead of the 'Bang'. Anyway, that's all your getting to see, I have to keep the rest of my work under wraps for a later date. I still have a hell of a lot of work to do.

See yaa' on the next one.



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