Experimenting with some Particles

Hey Folks,

Apologies for the delays between blog posts, lately its been hard to get a even balance of work and personal time due to having 5 university projects on the go at the same time.

So in between university and free time I decided to have a go at some particle effects using a range of 3D software like Maya Particles, Fume Fx and Krakatoa and then doing some composting in After Effects. It was all quite fun and I really did enjoy fiddling around with settings in After Effects to change how things looked from the original render. Here are some screenshots of what I came up with.

3ds Max Fume Fx Explosion
3ds Max FumeFx Tornado
Maya Krakatoa Particles
Maya Krakatoa Particles
Maya Particles Sword
Hopefully I'll have some time over the Christmas break to upload some of these in a video format.



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